Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give Joy, Give Love, Give Back

What is the best way for you to give back to the cause of ending domestic violence? Donating money is great but investing your time is even better. In my last post I talked about our Holiday Gift Drive, which is a great way of giving back and in this post I will brainstorm more ways of giving back.  

Ask: Calling or emailing a DV organization to ask them if they need volunteers is a great start. I have found many great volunteer jobs this way.

Offer: They don’t know what you can help with? Offer your talents. I am a communications professional so I offer my skills to help non-profits with causes close to my heart. Sometimes organizations don’t even know they need help. My mother volunteers for a soup kitchen in California. They are a great cause and my mom wanted to spread the word about the organization. She asked for a brochure and believe it or not they didn’t have one due, in part, to lack of funds. So, guess what we did? My mom and I jointly wrote and designed their brochure. With their new brochure they can engage volunteers, donors, and people in need of services. Your volunteer work doesn’t have to be long lasting. A simple project will do wonders for any DV organization!

Do: Just do it! It probably isn’t going to take long. What’s a day or two or even more for the greater good of the community? You’ll make friends while volunteering and, trust me, you will sleep better at night knowing you helped someone. If you help turn one DV victim into a survivor, you’re helping all whose lives they touch and will continue to touch in the future.

Talk it Up: Imagine if all your friends donated an hour of their time each week for a month at a DV organization. If you have 5 friends, that’s 20 hours a month.  You and your friends have now made the same impact as a part-time employee, which most organizations need but don’t have the funds to hire. So, tell your friends about the wonderful work an organization does. Make it a fun activity for you and your friends.  You can volunteer together at a walk or other event. It will be worth your time when you see how you help others.

For ways to find out how you can help DCCADV, visit our website here, or call us at (202) 299-1181. You and our organization will be glad that you did!

~Saira Saim 
Department of Communications and Organizational Advancement


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